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episode twenty-Six
August 22 2019
Newfoundland disaster - part one - by's are going s wiling

This is a different kind of story. I almost dont even want to tell you what it is about because at face value... it doesnt sound very interesting. I get that. But trust us, it is an insane story of epic mistakes and heartbreaking circumstances that will get you on the edge of your seat, screaming on your phone to make the madness stop. (maybe thats a touch dramatic...who knows). The Newfoundland Disaster is a story of a group of 100ish men on a sealing ship in 1914, stuck on the arctic ice in a blizzard, praying to God that one of the many sealing ships surrounding them will find them. Reminiscent of The Donner Party with no cannibalism, it is truly a story that shows the will of a person can be incredible.

We split the episodes in two but you wont have to wait a week for the second part.

Newfoundland Disaster - Part Two - Ceeeeeciiiiilllll!!!!!

If you haven't listened to Part One in the Newfoundland Disaster series yet...stop here and go listen. 

If you have already listened.... welcome. To the more upsetting half of this series. The men are stuck on the ice for what feels like forever are having a hard time making it through the night. There is a massive storm, absolute darkness, freezing cold conditions mixed with wet clothing...a true nightmare. Listen to the story unfold and hear Fabia do her shocked gasp over and over as it gets a lot worst before it gets better. 

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