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episode twenty-two
july 25 2019- august 10 2019
Jeffrey Dahmer - Part one - childhood of a serial killer

Jeffrey Dahmer is considered by any true crime fanatic to be a household name. There is so many terrible crimes that Dahmer committed while seeming to be a generally normal guy. The childhood of a monster is usually full of abuse (sexual or physical), neglect, conditioning and possible head wounds. There is so much that goes into who a person becomes and the formative years play a big role. The interesting thing about Dahmer has always been that he didn't seem to have the typical poor upbringing that leads to despicable choices as an adult. As we find out through our research, his childhood was not as squeaky clean as Candace had previously thought, however, it is still not the hell on earth others experience prior to ruining so many lives around them. 

Jeffrey Dahmer - Part Two - Dumpster Fire of a Life

Jeffrey Dahmer is no longer a kid and the weird things he does keep getting weirder. From bringing home dead animals with the hopes of rebuilding their skeletons, to planning an attack on a jogger in his neighbourhood, Dahmers darkness is coming in full force. He somehow manages to graduate highschool, tries college, tries the army, and just cant seem to get his life together.  

Jeffrey Dahmer - Part Three - Don't Leave Genitals In Your Work Locker

Well kids, buckle up. Things are really about to go off the rails. If we thought that Dahmer was up to no good before, he is ready to really out do himself. The rapid succession that he kills men is both astounding and nauseating. It took far too long to catch someone who had previous run ins with the law in the manner that he did. Not much more to say on the topic. Thanks for listening to our three part series on Jeffrey Dahmer!

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