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episode Thirty-Nine   & Forty
nov 15 & Nov 24 2019
halloween origins - part one - how christians steal everything from pagans
halloween origins - part two - women are for marrying...that's it.

Halloween is such a fun time of year... we get to dress up, beg for candy from strangers, watch horror movies and other super fun stuff.

Candace sits down with Michelle, her witchy friend, and through two episodes they cover the origins of Samhain, the traditions surrounding the end of the season that have evolved into the fun things we do today. 

In Part Two we learn how one track womans lives were...who will I marry? Through a thousand different means of divination that was done at this time of year, woman were really only looking for information on their future marriages. We talk about lots of other stuff too but that was kind of wild.

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