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63 - Curses & Hexes

Fabia talks about different kinds of curses and hexes from different places and religions. Just in time for spooky season, you can learn the right way to get revenge on those who have wronged you.

62 - Ariel Castro - The Audacity

Ariel Castro is a literal monster in human form. He abducted three girls and kept them in his house in Ohio for over a decade. He is the worst.

61 - Rewind: History Of Profiling & What Makes A Serial Killer

While we prepare for the spooky season of our lord and saviour, Satan, we are re playing an oldie but a goodie. Our third episode about the makings of criminal profiling in the FBI and what physically can make a serial killer. Nature VS Nurture. Brain Injuries. Psychopathy. All the fun stuff. Enjoy!

60 - We Got Just What You Need... Little Kids?

What is the scariest thing you can think of? If you thought child trafficking then you are correct. We recorded this when it was just coming out and waited too long to edit, so forgive me (Candace) for taking so long. The Wayfair child trafficking scandal is based completely off reddit posts and internet searches. nothing substantial but the thought of this being possible is enough to make us throw up a little. We get into other trash like Epstein and general horrid behaviours of the powerful.

59 - GEC Marconi Conspiracy

Between the years of 1982 and 1990 there were 25 mysterious deaths around scientists who were working at British company GEC Marconi. This company was doing research for some pretty intense projects. One was known as the Star Wars project, which was an American project that was working to create xray laser shooting satellites in order to take down nukes that may be launched from Russia during the Cold War. Some of these deaths could have been legit suicides but it seems much more likely some government organization didn't certain secrets getting out.

58 - Katherine Knight

Who says girls cant do things just as well as guys? Certainly not Katherine Knight! Women are so often thought of as the gentler sex, the ones who wouldn't do completely horrific things. Well jokes on you, dear listener, because here is one messed up story that proves, women can be just as insane as men. An Australian woman who loves men, fighting and her precious knives. She is a very unstable person who had given many reasons why she should be in some kind of facility for the foreseeable future, and yet, here we are to tell you a god awful tale anyways.

57 - Denver Airport AKA Illuminati Underground Bunker?

Welcome to the first of what I hope to be many conspiracy theory episodes. The Denver International Airport is home to many conspiracy theories. Underground bunkers built by Aliens or Reptilians, secret tunnels not open to the public lined with fancy art, nazi symbolism, illuminati and freemason ties... this has everything. We do go off on a bit of a 'side note' at the beginning, so if you don't like the off topic conversation you may want to skip ahead. But if you do like the off topic conversation, there's some more after we are done the story!

56 - Bunny Man

Get ready for some Easter related urban myths. Well, one urban myth. The Bunny Man. This is a tale of a grown man assaulting people while dressed in a bunny suit. It is a disturbing as it sounds. You're Welcome.

55 - Quarantine Corner with Fab and Candy

We may be separated by a few kilometres but that wont stop us from podcasting! We are respecting the social distancing recommendations which means we are trying our hand at remote podcasting. Its weird but its better than nothing!

We discuss how weird life is right now, how optional real pants and bras are, and what we are doing for ourselves to stay sane.

Then we go over Netflix's 'Tiger King' doc which includes some serious spoilers...if the show hasn't already been spoiled by all the amazing memes, 'The Platform' on Netflix as well as 'No One Saw A Thing' series on Sundance Now.

54 - Ian Diaz is a Trash Person

Alright...so in general, society has a way of easily viewing women as the crazy ones. The unbalanced, hormonal, emotional ones. The type of people who would go after their ex's new girlfriend and try and sabotage their lives. This particular story is a not what it seems on face value however. There are some twisty turns that you won't see coming. Trust me, this is a good one.